The 25th Hour

The 25th Hour - David Benioff
"This life came so close to never happening..."
This is the real deal. Taut, engaging writing, themes that aren't shoved down your throat, and great characters that stick with you. Pretty-boy drug dealer Monty gets pinched and is about to get sent upstate for 7 years, so he decides to spend his last free day saying goodbye to his friends and family, including Wall Street hustler Frank, school-teacher Jacob, who fantasizes about his sexy high school student, and Monty's girlfriend Naturelle, whom he thinks just might've been the one that dimed him out. It's not only a story of three young, professional men trying to deal with their own insecurities while forced to say goodbye, but it's also a farewell to New York City. The story moves at a captivating pace all the way up to it's soaring, poignant, and memorable ending (one of my favorites in fiction). An awesome first novel by the talented [a:David Benioff|120401|David Benioff|], and the basis for one of my favorite movies.