The Son

The Son - Philipp Meyer I tried to like this novel. The premise sounds like something I'd love. Multi-generational story told in parallel narratives, exploring the creation of myths and legends, and how the experiences of one man can affect future generations. The central story, of a young teenage boy who is kidnapped by Comanche marauders after seeing his mother and sister raped and scalped, and growing up amongst the Comanche, is fairly engaging and informative historically. The main problem is that the other two narratives are not compelling in the least. The story of Jeanne Ann McCullough for instance is terribly repetitive as she lays injured and alone in her house, reflecting on her past, which feels like the same thoughts and events over and over. The other character, Peter McCullough, is incredibly wooden and flat. I made it through about 250 pages, about half of the novel, until I called it quits. :(