A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan - Scott B. Smith I find it hilarious whenever I see negative reviews for this book and almost all the time, the reason for the negativity is that the reviewer thought that the main characters were stupid and made dumb decisions. If characters always made the right decisions or the smartest ones, there would be absolutely no drama and why the hell would anyone want to read about people who do all the right things?!

I think this was a wonderful story about how all of us are capable of terrible things if circumstances were there, such as greed, fear, the need to survive, or simply by just making BAD DECISIONS. These elements are all parts of the essence of noir, and that's why I consider this book one of the best examples of modern noir.

Three friends stumble upon millions of dollars and decide to keep it and not tell the authorities. That one decision begins a terrible domino effect that leads to dire consequences. It's like a classic tragedy where the end is inevitable.

Great book! Tightly written with great pacing!