The Stand

The Stand - Stephen King One of my favorite novels, this book truly earns the overused label of EPIC. The premise, of a deadly superflu that wipes out more than 90% of the world's population, and the survivors fighting a battle between good and evil for the remaining civilization, is enough to warrant a reading.

The novel has the best and most well-drawn ensemble of characters in any novel I've read, great prose, and more memorable scenes than you can count. It has a great mix of action, drama, romance, science fiction, and fantasy. At first, I held off on reading this because of the hefty page count, but after I picked it up, I flew through it, and it never felt like a page was wasted.

Like many others, I was a little disappointed in the climax, even though I understood the meaning and reasoning behind it. But there are so many other positives that this book still continues to be one of my favorites! You know you've got a great book that will last forever when you still can name most of the characters by first and last name years after reading it.