Swan Song

Swan Song - Robert R. McCammon In this epic novel, after the world is devastated by a nuclear apocalypse, a group of survivors travel to find a town in Missouri that might offer a new beginning. One of them, a young girl named Swan, might hold the key to mankind's salvation!

This is an exciting and addictive book! It's got great characters, fast-moving action that still never feels rushed, and an incredibly-detailed plot. And McCammon's prose makes the long page-count zip by.

The sad thing is that it will always be compared to Stephen King's superior novel, The Stand. Anyone who says that this novel isn't uncomfortably similar is in serious denial. Swan Song does stand on its own merits, but there are still way too many close similarities to ignore. I mean come on, don't try to deny that the harrowing trip through the Holland Tunnel out of New York wasn't EXTREMELY similar to Larry's trip through the Lincoln Tunnel in Stephen King's book? Just with more water...

But anyways, aside from that, the book is still great! This was my first read from Robert McCammon, it got me very excited to read more, and now he's one of my favorite authors!