The Drop

The Drop - Dennis Lehane Years ago, I read and enjoyed Dennis Lehane's short story, "Animal Rescue," in the collection, [b:Boston Noir|6394582|Boston Noir|Dennis Lehane||6583181], about a lonely bartender in a Boston mob bar that finds a beaten puppy thrown in the trash. That story became the basis for the upcoming movie The Drop, adapted by the author himself. So when this book was released, I thought it might've just been the short story collection repackaged for publicity or something. But low and behold, it turned out that the short story was originally part of a nearly-finished novel manuscript! Lehane used the material he developed for the screenplay and now finished the full-length book.

The Drop is a short novel; it's fast and reads very much like a movie, with lots of snappy dialogue and limited scene setting and description. In this way, it might feel less developed than Lehane's other work. But as usual with this writer, the characters stood out to me in this one. Although not as developed as those in [b:Mystic River|21671|Mystic River|Dennis Lehane||1234249] or [b:The Given Day|2830067|The Given Day (Coughlin #1)|Dennis Lehane||2856172], I didn't think they were any less well-conceived. I empathized with both main characters Bob and Marv. I really wanted to read more about the cop character of Torres and see the relationship with him and Bob further developed. He was intriguing and I think his character deserves more story. Maybe in another book? The fast pacing and the interesting cast of characters makes this a quick and solid addition to the author's work.