The Man with the Getaway Face: A Parker Novel (Parker Novels)

The Man with the Getaway Face: A Parker Novel (Parker Novels) - Richard Stark This takes up shortly after [b:The Hunter|3421619|The Hunter (Parker, #1)|Richard Stark||3948439] left off, and Parker has just gotten a new face from a plastic surgeon so he can hide from the Outfit and do his dirty deeds in peace. But because he is still low on dough, he reluctantly agrees to a shakily-planned armored car hold up that might not be worth it.

This might sound like a generic plot for your run-of-the-mill crime thriller, but what makes this one unique is that Parker knows from the get-go that a member of the crew will try to pull a double-cross. So on top of whether or not they'll be able to pull the job off, he has to also worry about staying one step ahead of the two-timing teammate.

It's a fun little heist caper in which we now get to see Parker interact with a team. Though this book feels a little like a pit stop on the way to an inevitable showdown with the Outfit, it's entertaining enough and left me wanting to know what happens next! Plus, it has the most awesome title of all the Parker books.